Vegan Recipe: King Trumpet Mushroom, Green Bell Pepper and Chia Seeds Salad

King Trumpet Mushroom, Green Bell Pepper and Chia Seeds Salad 杏鲍菇青椒凉拌奇异籽

The vegan recipe for King Trumpet Mushroom, Green Bell Pepper and Chia Seeds Salad: servings – 2 Ingredients 3 king trumpet mushrooms/king oyster mushrooms (cut into thin strips, blanch in boiling water until cooked, remove, drain and set aside) 1 green bell pepper (cut into thin strips) 1/2 tsp chia seeds 2 tbsp extra virgin […]

Vegan Recipe: Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Popsicles

Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Popsicles 甜玉米椰奶冰淇淋

The vegan recipe for Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Popsicles: servings – 8 vegan popsicles Ingredients 1 tin sweet corn 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/4 cup sugar 1 cup water Method Place the tinned sweet corn, coconut milk, sugar and water in a pot. Stir well and bring to a boil. Let cool and pour […]

Vegan Recipe: Pumpkin Buns

Pumpkin Buns 南瓜小面包

The vegan recipe for Pumpkin Buns: servings – 10 vegan buns Ingredients 250 g pumpkin (steam until soft, mash and let cool) 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 2 1/2 cups wheat flour 1/2 tbsp instant dry yeast 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1/2 cup water Seasonings 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar Method Combine pumpkin, pumpkin […]

How to Make Natural Apple Jam

Natural Apple Jam 天然苹果果酱

Homemade/DIY Natural Apple Jam: servings – 1 container Ingredients 8 apples (peel and cut into small chunks) 4 tbsp tapioca starch 1 1/2 cup water Seasonings 1/4 cup sugar Method Place the apples and water in a blender; pulse until smooth. Transfer the apple puree to a pot. Add tapioca starch and sugar. Constantly stir […]

Vegan Recipe: Kung Pao Bamboo Pith

Kung Pao Bamboo Pith 宫保竹笙

The vegan recipe for Kung Pao (Spicy Stir-Fried) Bamboo Pith: servings – 3 Ingredients 100 g bamboo pith (soak in water until soft, gently squeeze out the water and cut into sections) 1/2 cup cashew nuts 8 dried chilies (cut into sections) 10 slices carrot 3 tbsp vegetable oil Seasonings 1 tbsp black vinegar 2 tbsp vegetarian […]