Launched in 2011, Vege Angel is the first bilingual (English and Chinese) international vegetarian website – which consists of 14 categories of easy-to-follow and creative vegan/vegetarian recipes. All recipes do not contain The Five Pungent Plants (onions, garlic, chives/leeks, shallots and asafoetida), eggs and alcohol. Hence, they are especially precious for veggie lovers and vegetarians/vegans who want to align with such diet principle.

In March 2012, we received a Vegetarian Website Award from VegOnline. While, in February 2017, we reached the milestone of one million page views! Veggie fans from around the world of 212 countries and of any cooking skill level, eg newbies, housewives, food lovers and chefs have visited the website and benefited from the recipe references. Owing to such overwhelming feedback and encouragement, in 2023, we have started some plans to further empower the platform with more green features.

Our initial mission has not changed, we hope to try our best in helping people to discover the goodness of veggie food and develop a healthier, happier and creative lifestyle. Besides, plant-based diet does contribute a major impact in nurturing a sustainable world and future. Hence, we would like to thank you for visiting Vege Angel, as it is the main driving-force for us in actualizing the green vision with you.

Stay tuned for more updates!